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By Geoffrey M Horn

John Brown joined the part of free-staters within the clash within the Kansas Territory, scuffling with to have Kansas input the Union as an anti-slavery country. background has proven that his activities and the reactions to them have been one of the such a lot effective precursors of the outbreak of the Civil battle in 1861.

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Yes, husband,” she answered. Next he turned to his oldest son, John Jr. ” he asked. “Yes, father,” John replied. Finally he asked the same question to two of his other sons, Jason and Owen. “Yes, father,” each son said. Then they all sank to their knees and prayed together. When they had finished praying, Brown asked them to raise their right hands and swear an oath. Five decades later, John Jr. could not remember the exact words of the oath they swore that night. ” Twenty years after members of John Brown’s family made a solemn vow to support his war against slavery, two of his sons died in the raid at Harpers Ferry in 1859.

Nebraska was the more northerly of the two regions. It seemed certain to become a free state. Kansas was another matter. It bordered on Missouri, where slavery was permitted. Slave owners in Missouri feared that Kansas would become a hotbed of abolitionist activity and a haven for runaway slaves. Their fears were well founded. John Brown Comes to Kansas Thousands of farmers, ranchers, builders, and traders flooded into Kansas. Some of the newcomers favored slavery; others opposed it. Among the anti-slavery (or “free soil”) settlers who arrived in the spring of 1855 were five sons of John Brown.

Brown and a force of about 40 men bravely tried to 48 The Road t o Harpers Ferry The Soldiers’ Monument, honoring the defenders of Osawatomie, was dedicated in 1877. John Brown Memorial Park, a National Historic Site, now occupies the area where the battle took place. defend the town against hundreds of attackers. Greatly outnumbered, Brown’s men were forced to retreat. They watched helplessly as the town burned. Hero or Killer? When Brown left Kansas in the autumn of 1856, opinions about him were split.

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