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By Abraham Katzir

The expanding use of fiber optics within the box of medication has created a necessity for an interdisciplinary point of view of the know-how and strategies for physicians in addition to engineers and biophysicists. This publication provides a finished exam of lasers and optical fibers in an hierarchical, three-tier approach. each one bankruptcy is split into 3 uncomplicated sections: the basics part offers an summary of Read more...

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It has been found that this dopant by itself is not sufficient to form a practical laser. Two other dopants, such as thulium (Tm) and chromium (Cr), must be added to serve as sensitizers. 1 μπι. This laser is potentially useful for medical applications because this wavelength is at­ tenuated by tissue, but at the same time it can easily be transmitted through fused silica fibers (see Chapter 4). Both the Er: YAG and the Ho: YAG lasers operate in the pulsed mode with pulses of about 200 μsec and several hundred millijoules per pulse.

We can approximate 4 ~ ττ and thus write the equation 2Θ - (4/tt)(X/2w ) 0 (λ/2νν ). 5) 0 This is similar to the classical formula describing the divergence of light through an aperture of diameter 2w . It should be pointed out that the beam divergence is orders of magnitude lower than the divergence that one observes in ordinary (incoherent) light sources. This is a result of interference effects. 0 EXAMPLE: An HeNe laser typically has a minimum beam diameter of 2w = 1 mm. 63 Χ 10 mm. The full divergence angle calculated by Eq.

2 Er : YAG and Ho : YAG Lasers The Er : YAG laser is a solid-state laser which is quite similar to the Nd : YAG laser, except that the impurity in the YAG crystal is the rare earth erbium (Er) rather than neodymium (Nd). 94 μπι, the peak of the absorption curve of water, a major component of tissue (see Fig. 3), this laser is potentially very useful in surgery. Holmium (Ho) is also used as an impurity to form the Ho : YAG laser. It has been found that this dopant by itself is not sufficient to form a practical laser.

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