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By H. Haken

Ranging from a slightly trouble-free point, this quantity contains a self-contained, concise creation into the quantum conception of topic and develops intimately the quantum concept of sunshine. It offers the ways had to deal with some of the interplay methods among gentle and subject and illustrates them by way of numerous examples. contemporary advancements equivalent to the dynamic Stark influence and quantum beats also are coated.

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Anothei monochro spread (be (Volume 2 the diffrac A furth Young's with very then passe slits 1 and The exr synchrono Due to thi or other rt this well-k light is prc Tiibit intensity plane slit screen waves Fig. 3. Plane wave front is hitting a slit. Each point of the slit is a startitig center of the wave with equal phases. The figure shows how the different lengths of paths ckuse a phase lag which results in negative interference shown by the example. Fig. 4. 1 Waves 41 ht propagate spacepoint, al waves (cf.

To this end we correlate the field amplitude E at a time, to with the amplitude E at a later time, t2. Experimentally, this can be achieved, for instance, by a beam splitter and a delay line (cf. fig. 30). Identifying E(ti ) with E 1 and E(t 2 ) with E2 , where E 1 and E2 are the two amplitudes considered above, we can repeat all steps Fig. 30. Possibl times t i and t2. 11 Coherence in classical optics and in quantum optics 27 photon counters Fig. 29. Scheme of a possible experimental arrangement to measure E1 E2 .

21) E(x , t) = q(t) sin kx . 22) (A and cp real). In classical physics, we can simultaneously measure the phase (p and the intensity I a A 2 with absolute precision, at least in principle. As we have 32 I. What is Light? photon number known phase unknown unknown known Fig. 35. Scheme showing possible results of simultaneous measurements of photon number and phase. mentioned above, in quantum mechanics the photon number n appears as a quantity analogous to the intensity I cc A 2 . e. for the wave-picture of light, the concept of "photon number n" is typical for the particle-picture of light.

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