Download Math-Magic Book 5 - Textbook for Class V (Activity Book) by Shveta Uppal PDF

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By Shveta Uppal

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There is no biggest number Take any you can find Add me to get the next one To count, keep me in mind. 25 I am Chanda Mama. I have so many friends which twinkle in the sky. Yes, you are right! My friends are stars. One day all of them came to my home. I started counting to see how many friends had come. But my friends were too many. So to remember their numbers, I did something like this — Hello everybody! Moon Mama Counts his Starry Friends I counted one star and kept one for one star. card in my pocket.

Take 2 metres cloth for your kurta. 1 How Long is a Metre? 12 Let Us Make a Metre-rope 19 20 21 22 If you don't get a metre rod use a measuring-tape and mark 100 centimetres on the rope. 100 centimetres are equal to a metre, so you get the metre-rope. 18 ✒ Now the length between the two knots is 1 metre. This is your metre-rope. 17 ✒ Mark 1 metre on the rope and make a knot there. 16 ✒ Keep the metre rod with the rope. 15 ✒ Make a knot at one end of the rope. 14 ✒ Use a metre rod and a rope. 13 You must have seen shopkeepers measuring cloth with a metre rod.

A. A train compartment is carrying 132 people. Another compartment is carrying 129 people. In all, how many people are there in both the compartments? 40 B. Shanu found 138 pebbles. Karim found 44 pebbles. How many pebbles did they find in all? C. A teacher kept a note of which fruits students like in her school. This is what she found: Find out: (a) How many students in the school like oranges? (b) How many students in the school like mangoes? (c) Altogether, how many students are there in the school?

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