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By G. P. Cherepancy

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In a lattice, all lattice points are centers of symmetry of the lattice. Inversion moves a point from a position with coordinates (x, y, z) to the position (2x, 2y, 2z). It is clear from Eq. e. a molecule that is nonsuperimposable on its mirror image), the operation of inversion produces an enantiomer, or molecule with a reversal of sense. g. g. the helical arrangement of SiO4 tetrahedra in quartz), may crystallize as separate enantiomorphs, which are pairs of chiral crystals. These are left-handed and right-handed crystals, consisting exclusively of left- and right-handed units, respectively.

As indicated in Eq. 9, the c coordinate will be unchanged by any rotation about c. Consider a four-fold counterclockwise rotation around the c axis. Here, f ¼ 2908 and R c( f ) takes the form: 2 0 Rc (f) ¼ 4 À1 0 1 0 0 3 0 05 1 (1:10) It can be seen from Eq. 7 that for all f = 1808, the result will be an antisymmetric matrix (also called skew-symmetric matrices), for which J T ¼ 2J (or, in component form, Jij ¼ 2Jij for all i and j). If f ¼ 1808, the matrix will be symmetric, in which J T ¼ J. The lattice structure of a crystal, however, restricts the possible values for f.

However, combinations of tetrahedra and octahedra, as well as of octahedra, truncated octahedra, and cubes, also fill space. 2 Derive the rotation matrix for a clockwise rotation about the z-axis, given by the vector u ¼ k0, 0, 1l. Solution Our convention is that a clockwise rotation is given by a negative angle. From trigonometry, we know that cos(2 f ) ¼ cos( f ) and that sin(2 f ) ¼ 2sin( f ). 3 REFLECTION. Reflection is also called mirror symmetry since the operation is that of a mirror plane in three dimensions, or an axis in two-dimensions, which reflects an object into another indistinguishable one.

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