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Download Mechanics of Fracture Initiation and Propagation: Surface by G. C. Sih (auth.) PDF

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By G. C. Sih (auth.)

The evaluate of crack initiation and/or propagation has been the topic of many previous discussions on fracture mechanics. counting on how the selected failure criterion is mixed with the answer of a selected idea of continuum mechanics, the result may differ over a variety. Mod­ elling of the cloth harm strategy might be elusive if the dimensions point of statement is left undefined. The specification of actual measurement by myself isn't adequate simply because time and temperature additionally play an intimate function. it's only whilst the latter variables are mounted that failure predictions will be simplified. The unexpected fracture of fabric with a pre-existing crack is a working example. Barring adjustments within the neighborhood temperature,* the strength published to create a unit floor region of an current crack might be received via contemplating the switch in elastic power of the method earlier than and after crack extension. any such volume has been known as the severe power unencumber fee, G e, or rigidity depth issue, okay Ie. different parameters, reminiscent of the crack starting displacement (COD), path-independent J-integral, and so forth. , were proposed; their relation to the fracture strategy can also be in accordance with the strength free up notion. those one-parameter ways, notwithstanding, are not able concurrently to account for the failure means of crack initiation, propagation and onset of quick fracture. A overview at the use of G, okay I, COD, J, and so forth. , has been made by means of Sih [1,2].

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A Nb '"-i l IJ en ::I.. 5 and w = 0°. 1 w = O· v= 1/3 10 0 u tL >'in . 9. 1 and various a. 10 represent a plot of the failure loads (Ter versus f3 and show that (Ter required to fracture the solid increases as b/ a is increased. :. 0 .!! l0. {J Critical tensile stress versus angle {3 for a =90°, w =0° and various bla. , when the applied tension is perpendicular to the crack surface. 2. The foregoing example shows that Mode I crack extension in fact does not always yield the conservative solution with the lowest allowable failure stress.

It can be expressed as a quadratic form in the stress intensity factors k1 , k2 and ks: S = auk~ + 2a12klk2 + a22k= + assk:. 12d) In the special case of tP = 0, the coefficients aji reduce to those for the two-dimensional crack problems (Sih [3,5]). 32 Chapter B There are two basic ways in which a volume element absorbs energy: an element can store energy by 'dilatation' and/or 'distortion'. The former is associated with change in volume and the latter is associated with change in shape. When an element of the material exceeds a certain limit in volume change, brittle fracture can occur.

However, the problem of yielding will not be discussed in this paper. A three-dimensional theory 33 can be found from the stationary values of the strain energy density factor, S. The basic hypotheses of the strain energy density factor theory as applied to three-dimensional crack problems may be outlined as follows: Hypothesis (1): The direction of crack propagation at any point along the crack border is toward the region with the minimum value of strain energy density factor S as compared with other regions on the same spherical surface surrounding the point.

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