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By S. P. Strelkov

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29). A load of 20 kg is fastened to the rope at the point D, which cannot move along the rope. What load Q must be attached to the end of the rope in order for the rope tension over the piece AD to be twice that in the remaining part, and the angle ADC to be 90°? Find the force F pulling out the pulley C. 123. A wedge is driven into a beam. What must be the coefficient of friction for the wedge not to slip out from the beam? The angle of the wedge at the vertex is 30°. 28 PROBLEMS 124. With what force/must a man pull on a rope in order to support the platform on which he stands (Fig.

1) Find the tension forces in the rods. (2) Find the conditions in which there is no tension in the rod AC. 31 STATICS 136. Is it possible to support a box hanging from a rope against a vertical wall as illustrated in Fig. 35, when there is no friction? 137. A cube of weight 1 ton is supported by the rib D o n a pro­ jection in a vertical wall and by a cable AB from the rib B to the wall (Fig. 36). The cable forms 45° with the wall. Find the force F exerted by the cube on the projection D. 138.

142. The coefficient of friction between a body and a plane in­ clined at 45° to the horizontal is 0-2. To what height will the body slide up the plane if it is given a velocity of 10 msec -1 directed up­ wards along the plane? What will be the speed of the body when it returns to its initial starting point? 143. Show that, if a curve is drawn expressing the kinetic energy of a particle as a function of the path traversed, the force acting at each point in the direction of the path is measured by the slope of the energy curve with respect to the axis of abscissae.

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