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By Ian Robinson

A number of Sclerosis impacts hopes and expectancies, restructures relationships, modifies careers and adjustments lives. it's a disorder of variable onset, challenging analysis, unpredicatable diagnosis and no potent therapy. utilizing designated autobiographical debts of individuals with the ailment, Ian Robinson sensitively portrays the problems and frustrations of the fight to make feel of the scientific prognosis and administration of an sickness that's successfully a life-style.

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Wright discusses this process in terms of what she calls a low ‘self-connection gradient’ (1983:229). This gradient is a way of describing the extent to which any particular attribute, especially those related to the body, constitutes the core of the self. Is the real ‘me’ based on the appearance and performance of the body, deteriorating as it is, or is there a gradual disassociation of that real ‘me’ from the bodily decline? Janice indicates how she 44 SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE AND THE DISEASE painfully seeks to explain and understand what is happening to her body with the development of multiple sclerosis: I hated my body at the time, I felt it had let me down by being inadequate, too weak to withstand living.

Thus walking normally gives way to walking with a cane, the cane gives way to a walker, the walker gives way to pushing oneself in a wheelchair, and pushing oneself finally gives way to being pushed by another person. Similarly writing gives way to typing, which gives way to printing, which gives way to only scrawling one’s signature. (Hirsch 1977:151–2, quoted in Wright 1983:111) Anticipating the likely chain of physical events may be a means of attempting to reduce the range of uncertainty in this developing situation.

The third is that there is likely to be a positive correlation between degree of physical incapacity, depression, and low self-esteem. Following Peyser, Edwards, and Poser’s research the search for a single ‘MS personality’ type has slowed, although it is still the case that the second and third assumptions form the basis of much work on multiple sclerosis. Increasingly the evidence suggests that there is no clear relationship between physical incapacity and self-esteem. It is far more likely that situational determinants, individuals’ past experiences, and reactions to them are critical in the way that self-esteem is generated and sustained.

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