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By Kathleen N. Daly

Greater than four hundred alphabetically indexed entries determine and clarify the characters, occasions, and demanding areas of Norse mythology.

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In the Prose Edda, Snorri Sturluson tells the story of how the trickster god Loki persuaded Brokk and Eitri to make Sif’s golden hair, the ship Skidbladnir, and Odin’s spear Gungnir. After this, Loki bet Brokk that his brother could not make gifts for the gods as wonderful as those the two had already made together. Brokk accepted the bet and set out to help Eitri make a boar with bristles and a mane of gold, the golden ring Draupnir, and Thor’s great hammer, Mjollnir. Brokk worked the bellows to blow air on the fire to keep it hot while Eitri crafted the objects.

Then he offered her Odin’s magic ring, Draupnir, but Gerda had plenty of jewels. Next Skirnir tried threats: He would cut off her head with the magic sword. Gerda replied that her father would kill Skirnir first and keep the magic sword for himself. Skirnir followed by drawing from his belt a wand and a knife. He said he would carve the most terrifying magic runes upon the wand and strike her with it. The runes would be curses that doomed her to be forever lonely and filled with longing. She would have no friends, no husband, no children.

The forms of the trees were beautiful. Odin breathed life into them. Vili gave them the ability to speak and think. Ve gave them warmth and color and movement. The gods gave them Midgard in which to live. All human beings were descended from Ask and Embla. Heimdall later created the three social classes of men and women. The Dwarfs The gods made gnomes and dwarfs from the grubs in Ymir’s rotting corpse. They gave them human form and endowed them with brains, but they were ugly, misshapen creatures, greedy and selfish.

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