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By Carole Stott

There are thousands of stars within the sky and thousands of items to benefit in regards to the universe, and One Million issues: Space serves up imagery and data approximately all issues cosmic: from planets, moons, and comets, to black holes, nebulae, far away sunlight platforms, and extra.

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Here ich te E ia c m o o s fr s s a be nce d wh ipper, an ering dista vastly diff nown as the Big D ar on p jor, ap e k a rs M ta a s rs n U e sev ar of arth. tail and re ey appear from E form the ey th s th a , screen irection the black d from another d a h Eart nd we nce from ta When vie is d in to vary are seen attern. ifferent p d a te a cre 43 GIANT SCAR The Valles Marineris—a complex system of canyons more than 2,500 miles (4,000 km) long and averaging 5 miles (8 km) deep—cuts across Mars.

8 km) deep. 1 Water is familiar to us on Earth; it dominates our planet’s surface and it is essential to life on the planet—without it we would not exist. Water is found on Earth in its liquid form, its solid state, and as a gas. It has been discovered elsewhere in the solar system, but not in such abundance and only in its frozen and gaseous states. Jupiter has gaseous water clouds, and comets are two-thirds water in the form of snow and ice. WATER 1 Watery past When Mars was young, some 3–4 billion years ago, it was warmer and had liquid water.

Most are made of rock, but they can also be made of metal, or a mix of rock and metal. More than 215,000 individual asteroids have been identified, and of these, some 15,000 have been named. 1 Gaspra The first asteroid ever seen in close-up was Gaspra. 2 miles (18 km) long and has a surface pitted with impact craters where smaller asteroids have crashed into it. Gaspra was discovered in 1916. 3 years, and takes just over seven hours to spin round once. In October 1991, 57 color images of the asteroid were captured by the Galileo spacecraft as it flew by on its way to the giant planet Jupiter.

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