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By James K. Roberge

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The same motion kinematics is also seen at the missile aspects from 0° to 90° and from 360° to 270°. , when the missiles are approximately at 180° and 360° aspects). Notice that the induced Doppler shifts are further dispersed for two scatterers near the missile tail where two turbines are located. Thus, the missile kinematic motion can be well characterized by its microDoppler signature, which can be used to identify distinctive target features. The 28 The Micro-Doppler Effect in Radar MATLAB source code for calculating the micro-Doppler signature of a rotating ALCM is listed in Appendix 1A and can be used as a micro-Doppler signature analysis tool.

2006, pp. 213–217. dat’; % read data header and data Introduction 33 [np,t1,t2,t3,nr,t4]=textread(filename,’%d %s %s %s %d %s’,1); [c1,c2]=... ’,num2str(k),’/’,... ’,num2str(k),’/’,... ’) for k = 1:ns-1 TF(:,k*wdd8-8:k*wdd8+8) = ... TF1(:,(k-1)*wdd8+wdd8/2-8:(k-1)*wdd8+wdd8/2+8); end % display final time-frequency micro-Doppler signature figure(2) colormap(jet) imagesc([0,T],[-F/2,F/2],20*log10(fftshift(abs(TF),1)+eps)) xlabel(‘Time (s)’) ylabel(‘Doppler (Hz)’) title(‘Micro-Doppler Signature’) axis xy clim = get(gca,’CLim’); set(gca,’CLim’,clim(2) + [-60 -10]); colorbar drawnow %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 2 Basics of the Micro-Doppler Effect in Radar The micro-Doppler effect induced by the micro motion of an object or structures on the object can be formulated from physics and mathematics points of view.

69, No. 11, 1981, pp. 1380–1419. [11] Marple, S. , Digital Spectral Analysis with Applications, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: PrenticeHall, 1987. [12] Kay, S. , “A Fast and Accurate Single Frequency Estimator,” IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Vol. 37, No. 12, 1989, pp. 1987–1990. [13] Rao, C. , “Information and Accuracy Attainable in the Estimation of Statistical Parameters,” Bull. Calcutta Math. , No. 37, 1945, pp. 81–91. [14] Kay, S. , Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing: Estimation Theory, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1993.

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