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By V. Ramamurthy, Kirk S. Schanze

Content material: Buckets of sunshine / Christina M. Rudzinski and Daniel G. Nocera -- Luminescent puppy signaling structures / A. Prasanna de Silva ... [et al.] -- Sensors according to electrogenerated chemiluminescence / Ann-Margret Andersson and Russell H. Schmehl -- From superquenching to biodetection / David Whitten ... [et al.] -- Luminescent steel complexes as spectroscopic probes of monomer/polymer environments / Alistair J. Lees -- Photorefractive impression in polymeric and molecular fabrics / Liming Wang ... [et al.] -- Dynamic holography in photorefractive liquid crystals / Gary P. Wiederrecht -- Hologram switching and erasing options with liquid crystals / Michael B. Sponsler -- Novel molecular photonics fabrics and units / Toshihiko Nagamura -- Molecular popularity occasions controllable by means of photochemical triggers or readable by means of photochemical outputs / Seiji Shinkai and Tony D. James -- Probing nanoenvironments utilizing useful chromophores / Mitsuru Ishikawa and Jing Yong Ye

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No other neurotransmitters trigger a fluorescence signal from 24, engendering the chemosensor selective for acetylcholine. One drawback of 24 is the inability of the chemosensor to operate at neutral and acidic pHs. The deprotonated phenol, which is required for the strong association between the cationic 42 Rudzinski and Nocera Figure 16 Acetylcholine analyte displaces a pyrene reporter from the calixarene receptor site of 24. Strong fluorescence from the displaced pyrene is observed because of the increased distance of electron transfer from the calixarene to pyrene fluorophore.

Scheme 6 34 Rudzinski and Nocera The competitive association of analyte for a dansyl-included CD determines the overall sensitivity of the chemosensor. 1-Adamantanol and cyclododecanol engender significant responses from 6 (γ-CD), but smaller alcohols, such as (–)-borneol, geraniol, nerol, cyclooctanol, and cyclohexanol, give less sensitive responses. The same is true for nonfluorescent steroids such as deoxycholic acids [322]. This class of analytes fits most snugly into 6 (β-CD); association constants in excess of 106 M−1 are observed.

E. Excimer and Exciplex Reporter Sites The CD architecture is particularly fitting for excimer-based reporter sites. As long as the bucket is sufficiently large to accept two guests, monomers will cofacially organize within the interior of a CD to form excimer. Early spectroscopic studies revealed an enhanced excimer emission upon the addition of γ-CD to solutions of naphthalene [361], a result that was subsequently observed for anthracene [362] and pyrene [363,364]. Pyrene excimer formation has been examined in particular detail.

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