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By Rosalie Kaufman

Fifty retellings from Plutarch's Lives skillfully tailored for kids. contains the conquests of Alexander the nice, how Demosthenes turned an orator, the conspiracy opposed to Caesar, the lifetime of Lycurgus the law-giver of Sparta, the exploits of Pyrrhus and others.

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A remarkable story is told of Soüs, which is worth repeating, because it gives an example of wonderful self-control. He was once besieged by the Clitorians in a barren spot where it was impossible to get fresh water. This occasioned the soldiers so much suffering that Soüs was forced to appeal to the besiegers, and he agreed to restore to them all he had conquered providing that he and his men should drink of a neighboring spring. The Clitorians, thinking that they had nothing to lose and much to gain, readily acceded to the terms.

So it is lives, and not a history, that we offer; this must be borne in mind when some of the most important events the world has ever known receive insufficient mention. K. Contents Preface Theseus Lycurgus Romulus Numa Pompilius Solon Publicola Caius Marcius Coriolanus Themistocles Aristides Cimon Pericles Nicias Alcibiades Lysander Camillus Artaxerxes Agesilaus Dion Phocion Pelopidas Timoleon Demosthenes Alexander Eumenes Demetrius Pyrrhus Aratus Agis Cleomenes Fabius Marcellus Philopoemen Flamininus Marcus Cato Æmilius Paulus Tiberius Gracchus Caius Gracchus Caius Marius Sylla Crassus Lucullus Pompey Cicero Caesar Cato the Younger Marcus Brutus Antony Sertorius Galba Otho Theseus THESEUS was one of the most celebrated heroes of ancient times, but he lived so many centuries ago that no one knows the date of his birth.

When this was made known to the traveller he no longer hesitated. Lycurgus saw at once, on his arrival in Sparta, that no sort of patching up would restore the government to its proper state, and the only way to remedy the evil condition of public affairs was to begin at the very foundation and frame an entirely new set of laws. The first step he took was to visit the oracle at Delphi, where he offered a sacrifice and asked advice. The priestess called him the "beloved of the gods," and, in answer to his request that he might be inspired to enact good laws, assured him that Apollo had heard him, and promised that the constitution he should establish would be the wisest and best in the whole world.

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