Download Rare earth doped III-nitrides for optoelectronic and by Kevin Peter O'Donnell, Volkmar Dierolf PDF

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By Kevin Peter O'Donnell, Volkmar Dierolf

This ebook summarises contemporary development within the technological know-how and expertise of rare-earth doped nitrides, delivering a photo of the sphere at a severe element in its improvement. it's the first booklet on rare-earth doped III-Nitrides and semiconductors.

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2 eV) and the equilibrium concentration of this defect is negligible. Such defects may be created, however, during ion implantation. 5 eV respectively. 5 eV) which may be involved in the luminescence mechanism especially during electro- and cathdoluminescence. 15 [102]. 20 R. Jones and B. 7 Conclusions The calculations have provided details of the structure and electrical properties of RE defects in semiconductors. RE impurities have low solubilities and prefer to form precipitates in many semiconductors.

This state could be another RE multiplet, from which non-radiative deexcitation occurs or a state made up of defect related orbitals, for example VN. 18 R. Jones and B. 6 RE Defects in AlN Several optical transitions of RE ions have been reported in AlN. 54µm transition due to Er3+ has been closely studied [98, 99]. PLE studies show a broad band with excitation energies above about 2 eV and superimposed sharp spikes. This indicates at least two classes of Er3+ center. The broad band is attributed to optically excited Er related defects possessing gap levels and the spikes to direct intra-f excitation [98].

Chadi, Phys. Rev. B 55, 12995 (1997). 109. C. G. Van de Walle, Phys. Rev. B 57, R2033 (1998). 110. G. A. Slack, L. J. Schowalter, D. Morelli, and J. A. Freitas Jr, J. Cryst. Growth 246, (2002). 111. F. Bernardini, and V. Fiorentini, J. Applied Phys. 85, 2001 (1999). Chapter 2 RE Implantation and Annealing of III-Nitrides Katharina Lorenz, Eduardo Alves, Florence Gloux, Pierre Ruterana Abstract Ion implantation is a convenient method to introduce Rare Earth (RE) ions into a host matrix in a controlled manner with a reproducible profile; it also allows lateral patterning for selective area doping.

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