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By Lawrence Murr (Eds.)

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Polyvinylidene Fluoride for Architectural Fin­ ishes. Pennwalt Corporation, Plastics Department, Three Parkway, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Brochure PL138-677- 5M-B. 11. , Infrared Analysis of Polymers, Resins and Additives, an Atlas, Vol. 2, Part 2, Wiley-Interscience, New York (1969). 12. , "Optical Evaluation Tech­ niques for Reflecting Solar Concentrators", SPIE 114, 43 (1977). , "The Helios Model for the Optical Behavior of Reflecting Solar Concentrators", SAND76-0347, March 1979. 14. , "Structural and Material Optimization for Solar Collectors", Proceedings of 1979 International Congress of the International Solar Energy Society, May 28 - June 1, 1979.

Murr and Ο. T. Inal β = 90° Simple orthorhombic Base-centered a = /? =7 = 90° Simple tetragonal α= Body centered Face centered a φ b ψ c Body-centered tetragonal a = b Φc β = = 90° a = b = c = β = γφ 90° y Simple cubic Trigonal Body-centered cubic Hexagonal a = b Φ c α = β = 90°, α y = 120° Face-centered cubic a — b - c β = = 90° α= y FIGURE 1. Fourteen Bravais lattices composing seven differ­ ent crystal systems. Each lattice represents a particular unit cell in a periodic atomic arrangement, a, 3/ and γ are the vertex angles; a, b, care the unit cell dimensions or lattice parameters.

7 eV. Ε. W. James, et. , at Varian have constructed an experimental cell using a dichroic mirror and silicon for the lower band gap material (30). The higher band gap is provided by (A£ q 9G a3Q ^ A s / A J ^ G1 a7Q )As g3 Richard S. Claassen and Barry L. 78 Collection Eff. 6J Useable Power FIGURE 20. Bar chart of distribution of energy losses in the Ι-Ω-cmp-on-X) and the 10-Q-cmr\-on-p silicon solar cell under air mass one and air mass zero sunlight, respectively (28). SPECTRAL SEPARATION APPROACH STACKED CELL APPROACH DICHROIC MIRROR CONCENTRATED SOLAR BEAM 0HMIC CONTACT OR / SCH0TTKY DIODE CONCENTRATED SOLAR BEAM / CEU, \ CELL, E, C2 (b) FIGURE 21.

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