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By Jeff Kenna, Bill Gillet

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The step by step cost procedure is described below. It is illustrated by calculating the unit water cost for the solar pumping system used as an example in Chapter 3. A format sheet for the cost appraisal is given in Table 11. Further examples comparing solar pumping with alternatives, are given in Appendix 4. The first three steps relate to sizing the system and calculating the system energy requirements such that the costs can be found, The data required are the total system head, the month by month water demand and the appropriate meteorological data (solar irradiation or mean wind speed).

The pumped output increases until noon. The PV array efficiency is relatively constant throughout the morning because temperature increases have the effect of reducing the PV array efficiency. The match between the array and subsystem improves as the sub-system approaches its design operating point. 00. 00. m because it is well matched to the array. In the afternoon further temperature increases and matching losses reduce trre array efficiency, but as the array cools down in the late afternoon its efficiency increases.

System Description Locat ion. MGk ..... ~~. Latitude . . $ . . . . &.?.. . qp. &~. Annual water requirement 2. 4?!?.. m3 Size.... 540 ........ q?. . l . years Discount Rate.. k.. @J............. Annual cost Capital Present Worth Cost Replacements Nlaintenance $60 m Operating $ 609 I Total Annual Cost Life Cycle Cost (LfX) Annual equivalent of 1s (m) 9~6cent* Unit Water Cost. Table 11. /ma Format to calculate the unit water cost of a small scale pumping system.

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