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By Joseph B. Keller, David W. McLaughlin, George C. Papanicolaou

Partial differential equations play a imperative position in lots of branches of technology and engineering. consequently it is very important resolve difficulties related to them. One point of fixing a partial differential equation challenge is to teach that it truly is well-posed, i. e. , that it has one and just one answer, and that the answer relies always at the facts of the matter. one other point is to acquire distinctive quantitative information regarding the answer. the conventional strategy for doing this was once to discover a illustration of the answer as a chain or fundamental of recognized precise services, after which to guage the sequence or fundamental by way of numerical or via asymptotic equipment. the lack of this technique is that there are quite few difficulties for which such representations are available. hence, the normal technique has been changed through equipment for direct answer of difficulties both numerically or asymptotically. this text is dedicated to a specific strategy, referred to as the "ray method," for the asymptotic answer of difficulties for linear partial differential equations governing wave propagation. those equations contain a parameter, resembling the wavelength. . \, that's small in comparison to all different lengths within the challenge. The ray strategy is used to build an asymptotic growth of the answer that is legitimate close to . . \ = zero, or equivalently for ok = 21r I A close to infinity.

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This wave is present in the same region as the transmitted wave, whose rays originate in the "region of regular reflection," 0 ::; x ::; h tan a 0 • The wave u e together with the incident wave u i and the reflected wave u r, satisfy the boundary conditions in the region of total reflection. However, the transmitted wave u t is also present below this portion of the interface. This requires that a fifth wave, the diffracted wave u d, be present above the region of total reflection. Then u d and u t also satisfy the boundary conditions.

14. Diffraction by Edges and Vertices A surface or curve is regular at a point if it can be represented by functions which have derivatives of all orders in a neighborhood of the point. An edge is a curve, on a boundary or interface, which forms a locus of points where the surface is not regular. A vertex is an isolated point, on a boundary or interface, where the surface is not regular, or an isolated point on an edge where the edge is not regular. Examples of edges and vertices are: the edges and vertices of a polyhedral interface or boundary, the vertex of a conical interface or boundary, the edges of an aperture in a thin screen.

We first note that .. _ 1 n 7r- -g rj. Sj . _ 1 g rj( 9 kv) jSkSv + 21 +-n1 (9 rj) mSj7m-2n2 n (9 rv) m9 mk SkSv (1 . 255) Joseph B. Keller and Robert M. Lewis 46 and ·. ·. 256) Bv. 258) we obtain _ 2~ 2 {gik 9 rmBjm(gjv)i + gjv 9 rmBim(gik)j -g rm g ik 9ji ( g jv) m } BkBv - 2~2 {gik(grv)i + gjv(grk)j- grm(lv)m} SkSv. 260) we get the following system of two second-order differential equations .. 261) TkTj = 0 . T Tr These are the differential equations of a surface geodesic. 18. Diffraction by Smooth Objects In this subsection, adapted from [36], we shall derive a general formula for the diffracted wave which is produced when a wave u i is incident on a smooth surface S in such a way that some of the incident rays are tangent to S along a curve C.

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