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By Robert Alexy

On the center of this ebook is the age-old query of ways legislations and morality are similar. The criminal positivist, insisting at the separation of the 2, explicates the idea that of legislation independently of morality. the writer demanding situations this view, arguing that there are, first, conceptually important connections among legislation and morality and, moment, normative purposes for together with ethical parts within the thought of legislation. whereas the conceptual argument by myself is simply too restricted to set up a sufficiently powerful connection among legislations and morality, and the normative argument on my own fails to deal with the character of legislation, the 2 arguments jointly help a nonpositivistic thought of legislation, toppling criminal positivism qua accomplished thought of law.

The writer makes his case inside of a conceptual framework of 5 differences that may be variously mixed to symbolize a multiplicity of presuppositions or views underlying the enquiry into the connection of legislation and morality. during this context, it may certainly be proven that there are views that bespeak exclusively a positivistic proposal of legislation. The decisive aspect, despite the fact that, is that there's a viewpoint, essential to the legislations, that inevitably presupposes a nonpositivistic suggestion of legislation. this is often the viewpoint of a player within the criminal approach, inquiring for the proper resolution to a felony query during this felony process. The participant-thesis is tested by way of attract Gustav Radbruch's formulation (extreme injustice isn't legislation) and to the judge's balancing of ideas in identifying a concrete case. the writer arrives at an idea of legislations that systematically hyperlinks classical parts of criminal positivism - authoritative issuance and social efficacy - with the desideratum of nonpositivistic felony conception, correctness of content.

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Trial by jury 3 I I Comm. 36s, 4 Comm. 8. 3· Comm. 327, 1 Comm 67. 4 2 3 Comm. 325-6. Below, p. 51; 1 Comm. 70. XXXll Introduction 'has been, and I trust will ever be, looked upon as the glory of the English law ... that it is the most transcendent privilege which any subject can enjoy, or wish for, that he cannot be affected either in his property, his liberty, or his person, but by the unanimous consent of twelve of his neighbours and equals. A constitution, that I may venture to affirm has, under providence, secured the just liberties of this nation for a long succession of ages.

In both its aspects the juristic theory of natural rights was thoroughly individualist. As a theory of inherent moral qualities of persons, it was based on deduction from the nature of an abstract isolated individual. As a theory of rights based upon a social compact, it thought of natural rights as the rights of individuals who had entered into a contract, apart from which there would and could be no law and nothing for the law to maintain. In either view, the law exists to maintain and protect individual interests.

V (Oxford, 1906-7), p. 134; and Annual Register, r;6;, pp. 286-7. 2 Below, p. 51; 1 Comm. 70. 3 Below, p. 8; 1 Comm. 10. Sir William Blackstone XXXI The defects of the poor law could be traced to the poor law statutes which 'remain very imperfect, and inadequate to the purposes they are designed for: a fate, that has generally attended most of our statute laws, where they have not the foundation of the common law to build on'. ' 1 The fate of foreigners who were denied the revelation of the common law was a peculiarly sad one :2 People are apt to be angry at the want of simplicity in our laws: they mistake variety for confusion, and complicated cases for contradictory.

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