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By R. G. Torrens

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When we cut through the smog of low expectations, big goals are at the center of that hard work and commitment. For strong teachers, setting big goals is a public declaration—to their students, themselves, and others—of their commitment to fulfill students’ potential. Successful teachers use this public pledge as an inoculation against the degrading influences of the doubts they hear, and may sometimes have, about their students. Turning High Expectations into Ambitious Big Goals High expectations drive a big goal’s design even as teachers seek a realistic and informed understanding of what their students can learn in the time available.

And I realized that if I didn’t do something soon, the year would be lost for both him and the other twenty students I needed to teach. . Scott wasn’t ready for high school—he was reading at a fifth-grade level. So I got together with the other teachers on my team, who were facing their own struggles with Scott, and we came up with a plan that was supported by both Scott’s grandmother (his guardian) and his older brother, Richard, whom he idolized. 14 Researcher ­Robert Marzano summarizes this body of research: A teacher’s beliefs about students’ chances of success in school influence the teacher’s actions with students, which in turn influence students’ achievement.

Highly effective teachers report that having the clear vision of victory down the road helps them keep all those daily challenges in perspective and keep working hard. course, run the risk of underachievement for students who start the year ahead of others and may need to be individualized accordingly. Either a growth or a mastery model can be a powerful driver of student achievement. ” With either growth or mastery goals, individualization can sometimes be an effective substrategy of setting big goals.

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