Download The Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book by Jane Eayre Fryer, Jane A. Boyer PDF

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By Jane Eayre Fryer, Jane A. Boyer

Старинная книга по вязанию спицами и крючком.

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Steel knitting needles Size 8 is large. Size 20 are usually numbered from 8 to 20. very fine. Steel hooks and needles are generally used for making articles of cotton thread, and needles made of bone, celluloid, rubber or wood are generally used for wool work. Steel crochet "I will give you a gauge card to measure the sizes of crochet hooks and knitting needles/' finished Crow Shay. "Oh, thank you/' said Mary Frances, helping Crow Shay take a card out of the knitting bag. " "Take good care of the picture," said Shay.

Then she explained to Mary Frances about the large family of Crocheting and Knitting People who polite, were so anxious to help her. " cried the delighted little girl. ''What do I do first? "First you will a sUp knot make; Then in your right hand me you'll take began Crow Shay. "Now, now," exclaimed the Yarn Baby. you go agam "Oh, he loves to crow —" said — "There Wooley Ball, laughing. " Crow Shay turned toward Wooley Ball. " said the Yarn Baby. "You do nof talk. " giggled Crow Shay. Wooley Ball looked up at Mary Frances with a broad smile.

5. Leaving an end of about 3 inches, make a length stitches. fastening off the work, leave a 3-inch end of yarn. Thread a long-eyed needle with the end of yarn hanging from one end of necklace, and string three beads upon it. Fasten end A Boll's leckkce — PLATE 2 Motion Pictures Showing How to Make Single Ckochet See Description, Page 51 — A of Doll's Necklace yarn securely into the end chain 51 Do stitch. the same to the other end of the necklace. Tie the two ends of the necklace together around doll's neck.

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