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By Theresa Jensen Lacey

Examines the historical past, tradition, altering fortunes and present scenario of the Pawnee Indians.

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One way in which Pawnee women helped each other was for a group of women to plant and harvest a newly married bride’s first crop. 25 26 THE PAWNEE The environment in which the Pawnees lived provided everything they required to clothe, feed, and shelter themselves. S. government. Tobacco was another crop of importance to the Pawnees. The ground for the tobacco field was burned bare of all other vegetation. After the tobacco seeds were planted, the field was carefully weeded. When the crop was ripe, the entire tobacco plant was cut and dried.

But America would have to impose her sovereignty upon the newly acquired territory. Opposition to this came not only from Native Americans but from Great Britain, Russia, and Spain. Spain in fact refused to recognize the validity of the deal and threatened military expeditions to enforce its claim that the borders of New Spain extended north to the Platte River. Claims to new territories were easier to enforce if those territories were settled, and to settle them it was first necessary to explore and map them.

When a chief took note of a promising young man with ambitions to become a chief, the older man would take the younger man into his lodge to serve a kind of apprenticeship. The Pawnee community also had shamans, or medicine men. The term “medicine man” is a word first employed by European explorers, who witnessed shamanistic activities without understanding them. ” These were organizations of men who practiced varying kinds and degrees of medicine and were more akin to clubs than cults. The Pawnees believed there were two separate realms, one of the sky and one of the earth and water.

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