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By Judith S. Bowman

This advisor to enforcing established question Language introduces easy recommendations and gives useful feedback for its program to company reasons. directions are incorporated for the construction of databases, tables, and indexes, with specific realization to the retrieval of particular information, dealing with null values, and using nested queries and a number of tables. An accompanying CD-ROM comprises pattern databases, scripts, and examples from the e-book, as well as a time-limited model of Sybase Adaptive Server wherever software program.

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Splitting the Authors' and Editors' Names into Two Columns Now, with regard to the question of identifying the primary key of the authors table, it might seem as though the combination of the columns au_lname and au_fname is the right choice. In fact, that combination would work pretty well, until the table grew large enough to contain duplicate names. Once there are two Mary Smiths, for example, the au_lname-au_fname combination would no longer uniquely identify each author. Another problem with using values like names as unique identifiers is the frequency with which they are entered incorrectly.

3. Columns in the titles and publishers Tables 30 31 The problem can be solved because both the publishers table and the titles table contain the publishers' identification numbers (pub_id). 4). 4. Shared Columns in titles and publishers The system tests for every instance in which the two pub_id columns are the same; whenever there is a match, it creates a new row containing columns from both tables as the result of the join. pub_id SQL The title column in the SELECT clause comes from the titles table; the pub_name column comes from the publishers table.

You don't need to include the join between publishers and titles in the query. It is part of the underlying view. ' title pub_name 33 34 ======================== ================== Sushi, Anyone? Binnet & Hardley [1 row] SQL In the ideal relational system, you would be able to display a view and operate on it almost exactly as you could any other table. In the real world, different versions of SQL place limitations on view manipulation, particularly with respect to updates. One of Codd's rules explicitly addresses view updatability, stipulating that a true relational system should allow all updates that are "theoretically" possible.

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