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Download UFOs: A Scientific Enigma by D.A.J. Seargent PDF

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By D.A.J. Seargent

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This, strictly, puts this case in the type 3 category, although persistent ground markings justify its inclusion here. September 1943. Oncativo (Argentina). Navarro Ocampo, driving between Rosario and Cordoba, saw a large, saucer-shaped object on the ground. It glowed with a bluish-green light, made a whistling sound and left, leaving a strange metal block on the spot. August 11, 1948. Hamel (Minnesota). Two boys noticed a round, dull grey object 70cm in diameter and 30cm thick land near them like a balloon, but with a metallic noise.

The nature of reports of this kind may best be judged by looking at a few examples and attempting to see if any kind of pattern emerges. June 19, 1965. Two Oklahoma farm boys were stacking hay in the pre-sunrise hours when they were surprised by the sudden appearance, close by, of a brightly illuminated, circular, wingless object. The boys remarked that the dogs started barking, apparently frightened by the object, and they were themselves very afraid and had trouble sleeping for several weeks thereafter.

Lest the reader be tempted to dismiss this last report as a singular 'crackpot' story, it must be mentioned here that such experiences are by no means unknown and may be relatively frequent, although, by its very nature, the percentage of experiences of this kind which are actually reported may well be quite small. It should also be noted that certain similarities exist between the above report and the more 'conventional' type 3 cases; for instance, the shape of the craft, the ramp, the dress of the occupants and the 'making of repairs' so often reported in these occupant cases.

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