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By Susan J. Colley

<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> general zero fake fake fake </xml><![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> </xml><![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 10]> <![endif]-->Vector Calculus, Fourth Edition, makes use of the language and notation of vectors and matrices to coach multivariable calculus. it's excellent for college students with an exceptional history in single-variable calculus who're able to considering in additional basic phrases in regards to the issues within the path. this article is individual from others through its readable narrative, a variety of figures, thoughtfully chosen examples, and thoroughly crafted workout units. Colley contains not just uncomplicated and complicated routines, but additionally mid-level routines that shape an important bridge among the 2.

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3 6 2 (d) Does the bird reach (17, 4, −14)? 17 Exercises 44. (a) Find the distance from the point (−2, 1, 5) to any point on the line x = 3t − 5, y = 1 − t, z = 4t + 7. ) (b) Now find the distance between the point (−2, 1, 5) and the line x = 3t − 5, y = 1 − t, z = 4t + 7. ) 45. (a) Describe the curve given parametrically by x = 2 cos 3t y = 2 sin 3t 33. Find where the line x = 3t − 5, y = 2 − t, z = 6t in- 0≤t < 2π . 3 tersects the plane x + 3y − z = 19. 34. Where does the line x = 1 − 4t, y = t − 3/2, z = 2t + 1 intersect the plane 5x − 2y + z = 1?

A = (2, 1, 0), b = (1, −2, 3) 5. a = 4i − 3j + k, b = i + j + k 6. a = i + 2j − k, b = −3j + 2k In Exercises 7–11, find the angle between each of the pairs of vectors. √ √ 7. a = 3 i + j, b = − 3 i + j 25. In physics, when a constant force acts on an object as the object is displaced, the work done by the force is the product of the length of the displacement and the component of the force in the direction of the displacement. 48 depicts an object acted upon by a constant force F, which displaces it from the point P to the point Q.

B) Show that A, B, and C lie on a circle of the same radius r as the three given circles. (Hint: (c) Show that O is the orthocenter of triangle ABC. ) 36. (a) Show that the vectors b a + a b and b a − a b are orthogonal. (b) Show that b a + a b bisects the angle between a and b. 4 The Cross Product The cross product of two vectors in R3 is an “honest” product in the sense that it takes two vectors and produces a third one. However, the cross product possesses some curious properties (not the least of which is that it cannot be defined for vectors in R2 without first embedding them in R3 in some way) making it less “natural” than may at first seem to be the case.

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