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Download Vom roman experimental zum roman psychologique (German by Kautenburger Monika Dorothea PDF

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By Kautenburger Monika Dorothea

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Dem. 12: the commonplace used in the latter passage, nosousi kai stasiazousi ('sick and split by strife'), has clearly been inserted in full in the former by unthinking scribes, though two manuscripts have stasiazousi only (McQueen 1986: 140). Parody of a stock political trope: Ar. Wasps 650-1: 'It is a difficult task, and one calling for great wisdom ... ' Inflammation

4-7). The way in which these texts see diseases as being cured or prevented through both religious and medical antidotes suggests that ancient and modern analysts perceive illnesses to be assuaged in diverging manners. As Parker has demonstrated, ancient writers can blur the boundaries separating medical and religious cures because gods are sometimes thought to cause illnesses (Parker 1983: 207-10, 213-15). When gods are deemed to be responsible for causing diseases, patients could be cured through religious purification; this allowed relations between the patient and relevant god to be restored (Parker 1983: 213-17).

163 for Apollo granting kingship to eight generations of Battiads. 29, in which Apollo gave an oath to the Battiads that they would remain in power for eight generations. 94-5 also says that Apollo blessed no other city as much as he blessed Cyrene because of his union with the nymph Cyrene. 48. 100-7, who says that silphium was used as a purgative and diuretic. Although he wrote several centuries after Callimachus, Pliny largely based his description of silphium on Theophrastus. The fact that laserpicium, the Latin word for silphium, is sometimes referred to as panaces Cheironeion, suggests that silphium was described as a panacea.

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