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By Ross P.A.

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Translated by Sommersmeier, R. g. 4 This could indeed seem to reduce subjectivity to something accidental. 5 Hence, it could appear that subjectivity, reflection and critique are intolerably played down in philosophical hermeneutics. In the case of the human sciences, this tendency allegedly threatens to reduce the interpreter to a mere vehicle for tradition, which continually unfolds its intrinsic meaning in new aspects. 6 As such, a reconstruction of the notion of objectivity could not only free philosophical hermeneutics from its post-modern appropriations by Rorty and Vattimo; it could also fuse Gadamer’s emphasis on the critical use of reason and personal responsibility in his interpretations of Plato and Aristotle with his stress on the historical nature of understanding in Truth and Method.

1990. Wahrheit und Methode, 450. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck). The Socratic Paradigm of Objectivity 39 because our claim to understanding has been reduced to a matter of causal influence. It may seem that much of our understanding is not directed at a subject matter, in the sense of something that could be the object of a heated dispute or of an interesting investigation. A lot of our ordinary understanding is simply expressed as a self-evident familiarity with our everyday world, its mundane objects and trivial tasks.

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